Friday, July 18, 2008

a new venture

My Ed Begley, Jr. ways are well known among my friends and family. Around our house, we are always looking for ways to reduce our negative impact on the environment, but we do have a budget. And because we have two children, my husband works full-time and I work part-time and homeschool, time is also a very limited resource.

My goal with this site is to share ideas on living deliberately -- choosing to resuse, thrift, create, recycle and reduce consumption -- and to do so with regard to the time and money involved in the process. I also consider the realties involved in this: we want a hybrid vehicle but 1. there are no hybrid vehicles available right now where we live, and 2. (ack) they are expensive. Before we replaced our upstairs heating/AC unit, we inquired about a geothermal system. We live in a neighborhood and that would require the system to be installed vertically (journey to the center of the earth-style), at a price that was prohibitively expensive. And as much as my husband wants solar panels and net metering, it is just becoming available in our state, beginning with the HGTV Green Home.

Join me in sharing ideas and greening our homes a bit at a time.

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