Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Thanks to Heather at Shivaya Naturals for posting about this movie. I haven’t seen it yet, but the message in this trailer is one with which I wholeheartedly agree.

Here’s a challenge: If you buy bottled water, go get a nice, reusable water bottle. Next, take what you have been spending on bottled water (it adds up, people) and fill the glass of someone who needs it. Try Water of Life, an organization that brings fresh water and living water to those who thirst for both. These people are from my church – my neighbors, making a global impact.

“The problem is huge. The solution is one village at a time.”

Take a look:

Sunday, January 18, 2009

this is the way we wash our clothes


Homemade laundry soap? Don't laugh -- it's amazing stuff.

I have a variety of allergies and skin issues, too numerous to mention here. Suffice it to say that if it smells good, I can't be near it and if it it is washed in commercial laundry detergent, I can't wear it.

Pleasant by-products of making this at home: it costs about 85 percent less than the stuff from the store, it is gentle (and therefore doesn't eat away at clothes -- or skin) and I am not buying a bottled, diluted product that has been shipped from who knows where, with its environmental impact expanding by the mile. I am not an expert and I have no idea how much this reduces our laundry's carbon footprint. But it has to help.

The basic recipe is here. I use a vegetable-based, natural glycerin soap and I do not add essential oils, though I recommend doing so if you are not allergic.

Go forth and have clean clothes. Enjoy